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Bad Waltersdorf

The thermal spa resort nestled in the East Styrian thermal spa region has its roots in a long history and is an alluring spot for relaxing in restorative thermal water, golfing, hiking and cycling.

Once upon a time… The eponym “Walter von der Traisen”

Back in the 12th century, as the nobleman Walter von der Traisen was making his way from the Lower Austrian Traisental over to East Styria, there was no thermal spa yet, but “Walthers-Dorf” was founded later in his honor. The village boasted three springs in the Middle Ages and put a great deal of effort into protecting them. Even back then, people appreciated the region’s special waters. Today, the “Walther Spring” in the village center reminds us of its namesake.

The spa village between Hartberg and Fürstenfeld in Styria has its roots in a long history. The Celts and Romans settled in the rolling hills. Multiple Roman stone ruins, which can be explored in the small Roman museum near the parish church, help give us an idea of what the settlements were like.

south slope

The East Styrian “Römerweinstraße” [Roman Wine Route] meanders along its quaint path to Bad Waltersdorf. Another unique cultural gem located in the village is the Waltersdorf wheel of fortune from the 14th century, which was discovered during restoration work on the parish church in 1990.

Apple trees and grapevines dotted the landscape more than 2500 years ago. Even back then, people fermented the juice of wild grapes and hard apples to create intoxicating drinks. The Southeast Styrian wine-growing area is still an excellent site for the production of Styrian wine today.

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