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Live your strengths!

WingTsun goes SPA RESORT STYRIA: For the first time in Styria in the 2-Thermen-Region the Adults-Only-Resort in Koop with EWTO offers after-work self-defence and 3-day-intensive workshops in August and September.

Maybe you can’t always ban an attack, but with the right self-defense techniques you can increase your chances. You learn this with the traditional Chinese martial art WingTsun. As the first wellness resort in Styria, the SPA RESORT STYRIA now offers interested people the opportunity to learn the right behaviour in possible crisis situations within the framework of Sunshine-Wellness.

Our time, their expectations and the constant pressure of everyday life demand more than ever inner strength and self-confidence from us. The order of the day: Live your strengths! Be mindful! Listen to your feelings! Send out the right signals and learn to interpret them! Do not let others be superior to you! Be preventive and active! The clever self-defence WingTsun does not mean to fight at any price, but to act wisely in the decisive moment: A won fight is the one you don’t even lead in the first place. With positive attitude and conviction one does not expose oneself to the danger of having to use physical self-defence. WingTsun is interesting for everyone, at any age: women, men, children, private persons or employees in companies. For all those who sometimes feel powerless and abandoned.

Together with Matthias Gold, who has headed the Austrian EWTO Academies for 30 years – the largest professional association for violence prevention and self-defence in the German-speaking area for non-violent defence – and Roman Pichler, director of the EWTO Academy Graz, interested people can now learn and intensify the Chinese martial art every Wednesday evening or on two summer dates.

The clever self-defense for resort guests and interested people from the region

“We are very happy that with After-Work-WingTsun we can also address day guests and people from the region for the first time. Efficient self-defence and holistic body training are definitely current social topics. A self-defence course can provide security for all of us. With the right awareness and intuition it will be easier to assess dangerous situations,” says Günther Zimmel, General Manager SPA RESORT STYRIA.

The 3-day active workshops offer efficient self-defence for beginners and advanced athletes combined with a natural movement training of the muscle groups that are most stressed by WingTsun. The aim: to strengthen awareness for more attentiveness in everyday life, increased self-confidence and more energy in life. “We want people to learn to be mindful again, to change their attitude and to take their safety into their own hands. Mindfulness has a preventive effect, and this should be anchored in our minds. Very often one’s own self-confident attitude can save one’s life”, Matthias Gold adds. “My personal tip: Everyone should have done this once in a lifetime. Change your attitude! Change your attention. Change your body! With WingTsun one remains constantly physically and mentally “in motion”.

To the resort:

The SPA RESORT STYRIA spoils its guests with relaxation, sport, health and the proverbial Styrian hospitality in the gentle hilly landscape of the East Styrian 2-Thermenland. The feel-good recipe is called: International Styria flair, lived regionality, quality, authenticity, best service, unique offers spiced with a pinch of passion. The mixture of excitement and relaxation makes a stay there so special. Whether in the sun or rain, besides WingTsun there are many other indoor and outdoor activities and great events for the guests, such as the summer brunch with the Carinthian Symphony Orchestra, Relax@the Beach, BBQ-Night or Streetfood-Week, which provide great Sunshine Wellness experiences – no matter whether sun or rain.

 WingTsun dates:

  • After-work courses every Monday, 6.30 p.m. – 8.00 p.m.


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