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Two-Spring Thermal Spa Region

Are you seeking pure relaxation bestowed by the primal power of nature? SPA RESORT STYRIA is tucked away in a natural setting. Our resort is situated in the heart of the Bad Waltersdorf thermal spa region, Eastern Styria’sbest-known region for health and good food. A natural experience in all its glory. Many view the gently undulating landscape with its dense forests and lush meadows as Austria’s most beautiful area.

Lying beyond the Wechselgebirge mountain range, the region became a popular destination for those in search of a summer retreat as far back as the 1950s. The picturesque hills and the warm hospitality of the locals are always highly appreciated by guests. In 1975, an unforeseen event altered the course of the region’s destiny: the discovery of healing thermal water. A far more precious treasure than the oil they had been drilling for. This valuable asset of nature is today known and loved far beyond Austrian borders.

In Styria’s Thermen- und Vulkanland (spa and volcano region), humankind and nature are in perfect harmony. Everything is in flow here, not least the salutary springs that bubble up with energy from a depth of 1,200 meters. Harmony, balance, health, wellbeing, enjoyment and experience: these are the defining features of the Bad Waltersdorf region. It’s a region that’s well worth living in; a place where you can feel the life force pulsing. Man and landscape exist in tune with one another. Simply, the perfect holiday to regain strength and find yourself. Supported by the soothing warm waters of Bad Waltersdorf, brimming with energy, let your body and soul sink into serenity at any time of year.